Electric Guitars

Nelson electric guitars have been designed and constructed to provide a lifetime of the ultimate in playability, aesthetics, and aural pleasure. The necks are shaped to fit comfortably in the hand, the fingerboards are radiused to fit the natural curve of the fingers, and the superior fret work provides a fast-playing experience that all skill levels can appreciate. All Nelson pickups are designed and constructed in house. Nelson pickups are designed to provide absolute tonal balance, dynamic response, and high fidelity. The sound is truly superlative. If status quo among electric guitars has left you restless, then it’s time you try out a Nelson guitar.

The Cosmonaut

Get ready to blast off with the Cosmonaut! Coming soon!... (Learn More)

The Provocateur

The Provocateur offers exceptional acoustic presence and sparkle in a compact size! ... (Learn More)

The Socialite

An electric guitar with style, speed, and unparalleled access to the highest frets!... (Learn More)

The Coquette

The Coquette combines style and sustain!... (Learn More)