The Cosmonaut

Get ready to blast off with the Cosmonaut! Coming soon!... (Learn More)

The Paramount

Truly the Supreme Leader of low end, the Nelson Parmount will inundate all with sonorous tones and inordinate sustain!... (Learn More)

The Provocateur

The Provocateur offers exceptional acoustic presence and sparkle in a compact size! ... (Learn More)

Coquette Bass

The Coquette Bass is being slightly revised! Specs are listed, new photos coming soon!... (Learn More)

The Socialite

An electric guitar with style, speed, and unparalleled access to the highest frets!... (Learn More)

The Coquette

The Coquette combines style and sustain!... (Learn More)

The Bearcat

Here is a flat top guitar of unusual value, both in price and in quality. This handsome instrument... (Learn More)