March 14, 2017

My Paramount bass

Hey Bobby!

To start off, working/communicating with you throughout the process even prior to getting the bass was a pleasure. You always kept me informed as to the status/happenings of the bass. I really appreciated never being kept in the dark like some luthier horror stories you hear about. So definitely thanks for that!

The bass looks tremendous. It’s received many compliments on its appearance alone. People like the sort of “water-color” look the finish has to it, and the blue shades are just gorgeous. The back of the bass, including up the back of the neck, is just as beautiful as the front. The knobs and pickups also look awesome, and and along with the cool aluminum pickguard, add to the unique vibe of this instrument. It’s really nice to have a handmade, luthier-made bass that isn’t just another P-style or J-style bass or coffee-table million-knob active bass. I really love the “vintage-modern” retro style.

The feel/playability/construction are all top notch. The neck is one of the most playable I’ve ever had, and that is truly saying something. This bass is also capable of being set up with some of the lowest action I’ve ever seen and will play cleanly that way! The neck is extremely stable. The balance is superb. The bass stays positioned on me just like it is in the picture whether my hand is on the neck or not. Honestly, it’s probably the best balanced bass I’ve ever had. It’s also very easy to set up.

Lastly, the sound is excellent. When you say on your site that it’s “unlike anything you’ve heard”, you’re not kidding. It’s hard to describe the tone of this bass or compare to any others, because it is really its own thing and has to be experienced for one’s self. The tone is full, rich and lively. It has plenty of clarity, which is great. It’s a killer sounding bass that can fit well in many musical settings. It’s the kind of bass that has no problem sitting in or cutting through the mix,  not just one or the other.

Well I think that about wraps it up. It’s a truly great bass! Thanks again for making it for me and I appreciate all you do!


     Tanner Harris