April 7, 2016

I LOVE my Paramount bass!!!

Hey Bobby,


Ok, so I’ve had your bass now what, 6-7 weeks? I used it almost exclusively since I got it including playing it 2 weekends for 2 sets in the local rock festival. I got LOTS of compliments on it especially how it looked and was asked what it was by a lot of people etc. In the time I’ve had it I’ve basically not used anything else and last night was the first night I was able to literally A/B it in a live band setting at our rehearsal studio. I played the Nelson against the following basses:


My 63 Reissue P Bass (selling this)

My 70’s era P bass with a maple fretboard

My 78 Beat to Hell Rickenbacker

My cheap Ernie Ball Sterling Stingray copy


I’m happy to report that the Nelson probably beat them all in certain areas. It’s MUCH more comfortable than either of the P basses. MUCH easier to play neck wise. It SOUNDS much fuller than the Rick (although I think this old Rick bass still has the Rick Cap installed) but still it sounded overall better. The Stingray is its own thing. It’s cheap and has an active humbucker so it’s not apples to apples but the Nelson is much better put together.


My overall impression is that the Nelson is BUILT just as well as any  of the other basses. It’s lighter than all of them. It just simply holds its own against the “big boys” and to cap it off, I had to record on a track last night and the band picked the Nelson as the bass to record with.


So there you go. It’s a keeper for sure. I literally can’t find anything I DON’T like about it. Not ONE thing!


Greg K – Wisconsin