January 3, 2019

My Walnut Paramount bass

I purchased a Paramount model bass in March of 2017. It features a walnut body and neck with an ebony fingerboard, and 2 pickups, a bridge humbucker and neck single coil.

The instrument is really a beauty! A natural wood with clear satin finish, the grain stands out but isn’t too pronounced. The craftsmanship is stellar and it’s apparent that Mr. Nelson has great talent and experience with wood-working.

Unfortunately, I can’t compare it to many of the popular brands out there (Fender, Ric, ect), but this bass definitely sounds fantastic! A wide variety of tones can be achieved with the two pickups and use of the volume and tone pots. The pickups themselves are very impressive! Loud and responsive, they make this a monster instrument thats VERY fun to play!

This was an excellent experience communicating with and purchasing from Bobby Nelson. I am satisfied with every aspect of my bass from build quality to sound, and it really is an amazing product! If you’ve found Nelson Instruments in your search for a custom or handmade piece, give them a shot like I did, you won’t be disappointed!