March 14, 2017

The first fretless Coquette bass!

Every time I bring this bass to a session, people have no idea what to expect from it. After I use it, they demand to know where it came from. The tones that this thing are capable of producing are all over the place and cover most genres. This is all thanks to the combination […]

My Paramount bass

Hey Bobby! To start off, working/communicating with you throughout the process even prior to getting the bass was a pleasure. You always kept me informed as to the status/happenings of the bass. I really appreciated never being kept in the dark like some luthier horror stories you hear about. So definitely thanks for that! The […]

April 7, 2016

I LOVE my Paramount bass!!!

Hey Bobby,   Ok, so I’ve had your bass now what, 6-7 weeks? I used it almost exclusively since I got it including playing it 2 weekends for 2 sets in the local rock festival. I got LOTS of compliments on it especially how it looked and was asked what it was by a lot […]